A chainsaw is a machine used in cutting trees and branches in less time. This is an effective and efficient tool for cutting trees faster than any other tool like a saw. The main thing which is used in the chainsaw is the engine, a chain, centrifugal clutch and a guide bar. The chain moves around the groove that is in guide bar. This chain rotates at very much speed and the speed depends on the engine and its horsepower. If the engine is powerful then it is able to cut each and everything even concrete. Chainsaw is common on construction sites because this is used in making holes in the wall.

Working Principle Of A Chainsaw

The most common chainsaw is gas powers (gasoline powered) in which gasoline is mixed with oil to get a fine mixture for ignition in the engine. Two stroke engines are the most famous for chainsaw and every gas chainsaw has this engine due to the powerful performance of two strokes. These are very noisy because of engine and this is the reason the user has to consider the use of hearing protection gear. The engine provides power to transmission and there is a centrifugal clutch in middle so if you press clutch then power is transferred to transmission and the chain work.

Why isn’t Chainsaw safe?

As you know that the chain rotates in the groove and there is no guard on it. There isn’t any way which a guard can be set on this that’s why this becomes the most dangerous tool which is hand held to use. Many models launched with guard but every one of them was not capable of working well. The issue is when the chainsaw kickback. The top of the guide bar is the place called as kickback zone because if someone touches this part first then the chain will through chainsaw back to you.

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