If you want to be a good programmer then you need to absorb lots of information. It is a vast field and there is no limit to learning. Here are some great programming blogs that every programmer should read.

Joel on Software

This blog is a great resource for the software developers. Joel Spolsky has written more than 1000 different articles on coding, software, project management, etc. You will find many interesting articles for the new developers.

Coding Horror

This blog is created by software developer Jeff Atwood. Here you will find lots of posts related to programming. You will also find a glimpse of his research and advice for the new programmers.


If you want to enter the gaming industry then you must read this blog. Here you will learn about virtual reality consoles, advice on finding a job in the gaming industry, lessons and tutorials for game development, coding, etc.

A List Apart

This blog focuses on web design, web content and web development. You will find all the news on the web industry here. You will learn about the latest tools used in web development and tips on how to design the web and write contents.

These blogs will keep you up-to-date with the programming world. You will learn a lot about programming from the experts which will help you in your career.