Do you always have to resort to a wired guitar system as a compromise because the wireless ones do not give you the sound clarity? This is the usual problem, you are either stuck with a wired system if you need the clarity or get lower sound quality with a wireless one.

But this is not the case anymore with the Line 6 Relay G50 guitar wireless system. It has brought about a revolution in the wireless guitar industry. Now no more compromising when you can get the best of both the worlds with this one.

If you are considering investing in the Line 6G50 wireless system, then continue reading. The line 6 G50 is compared here taking into consideration its specifications and features.

One of its most important features is that gives the guitarist freedom of movement till as far as 200 feet. This key feature comes without compromising on the sound quality. In fact, the quality of the line 6 g50 is higher than many wired guitar systems of top brands.

The line 6 G50 is not just a convenient option for the guitarist who get to move while in action but it also gives them a stunning sparkle at the end. There is also a low end punch that the basses receive with this amazing system. All these features are available even at a distance of 200 feet from the system.

The conventional wireless systems will usually disappoint with regards to the mixing of the high and low frequency and create a compression of their signals. The line 6 G50 is different, it, in fact, gives a higher quality of sound with a complete bandwidth and the compression quotient can be safely considered close to nil.

For all the guitarist who feel the wired guitar systems are old but dependable, must most certainly try the Line 6 G50. This will reinforce their belief that a wireless system can also be an excellent choice.

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