Group Messaging For Your Business


A digital business that functions across platforms needs as much help as it can get to stay afloat and in the minds of their customers. A lot of companies today are bogged down by the need to have a viral campaign and to ensure that all their content goes viral online. This pressure to go viral often propels companies and small businesses to take drastic steps and these can end up being counter-productive.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is one strategy that seems to have proven its efficacy with time. People don’t use SMS as much these days, however, they do receive messages and while some users tend to adopt a “delete no matter what” policy, a lot of users are actively engaging with SMS marketing services and are having a great retail experience.

How this method works is fairly simple – a user is asked for their consent (via text) and if they respond with the code given to them (Y for yes, or even a five-digit number) their phone number is registered with the SMS service and the user receives text messages every time there is an offer or a promotion. The user is also given an “unsubscribe” code in case they wish to discontinue such services.

Group Messaging

This works well for internal communications and can often be used to ensure that employees are engaged with company activities and are a more active part of the team and the tasks given to them. Not only that group messaging is a great way to make sure that all employees are in the loop and there is no loss of clarity in communication and expectations.

A great group text software to increase productivity will motivate employees and will also decrease response time to queries – 90 seconds by messaging and 90 minutes by email! This kind of productivity and engagement ensures that even the customer end of things are handled efficiently.