Top 5 trends in software development for enterprises

The process of software development changes frequently. If you are a software developer then you should always be aware of the latest programming trends. Following are the present trends in software development.

Open source development

Open source is still the trend. It is the main driver behind successful companies. With open source software, you can innovate operating systems and programming languages. You should use open source to keep up with the technology. You should incorporate open source in both code and culture.

Consider software development as business development

Technology professionals transform how an enterprise is run. Technology provides data to stakeholders so that they can make better decisions. It also shapes the interaction between customers and the business. So, software development is actually business development.

Infrastructure disruption and re-assembly

You should take care of software architecture. There will be disruptions like overrun of schedules, breach of security, etc. But there has been development in this area so that you can focus on growing your business. Serverless architecture, XaaS, distribute systems, etc. will let you do that. You can use third party services like OpenStack.

Machine learning

Machine learning is making a significant impact on many industries. It impacts a company’s decision making, how information is provided, etc.

Putting customers first

Companies need to put their customers first all the time. When planning and developing software you should consider many things like budget, goals, schedule, etc. But the customer should always be your priority.

These trends are shaping the enterprise today. You should keep up with these trends and be ahead of your competitors all the time.