Do Knives And Technology Mix?

Gone are the days when knives would be plain and boring. The modern day hunter prefers knives that come equipped with the latest technological advancements and have several features that make it look stylish as well as functional. Knives and technology go hand in hand and this article will talk about the latest technological developments that hunting knives have seen in the recent past.

Ball-bearing opening system

A manual opening system does not need to be tight and difficult to operate. It can be a smooth operation without the need to use torsion bar or spring. A series of ball bearings can be used instead to surround the pivotal point of these knives. When the knife is to be used, the ball bearings will rotate and the blade will glide out of the handle to be locked into place and ready to be used.


A flipper serves two functions; one, it becomes a protrusion on the spine of the knife when it is closed. It becomes a part of the finger guard when the knife is open.

Blade Locking system

A blade locking system might not sound as significant but it serves a very important function. It is not intended to keep the knife locked in its closed position but it is actually meant to keep the knife locked in the open position so that it does not slide back into its cover. It could actually be dangerous if the knife closes back when you need it the most.

Tungsten blade coating

Technological advancement means when a blade coating is not about enhancing the appearance of the blade but about improving the performance. The DLC coating reduces friction and offers high durability while also increasing the strength.

All these technological advancements make hunting knives a lot more useful and effective. I got a hunting knife for my birthday and it was equipped with the latest on the market and there has been no looking back ever since.