No matter how many kids you have or how many babies you have taken care of, feeding them will always make you go nuts. Advice pours in from all directions on choosing the right recipe, right preparations, engaging baby’s interest in food, making mealtime enjoyable and so on. Keeping them apart, here are some technological advice purely dependent on your convenience and independent of your baby’s meal tantrums.

From food preparation to food storage

Giving a helping hand in processing your child’s recipe to the handiest storage solutions, here is the list of tech saviors for you:

Food makers and processors: Homely food is the best for your kid, so is your caring time. Give both, with these devices which help you to prepare a whole lot of veg and non-veg blends, purees, steamed food in a matter of minutes. Indicating the right proportion of ingredients and the right consistency, food processors can save a lot of your kitchen time.

If you want more, there are products which can also sterilize baby utensils, heat baby food, thaw frozen food and even give you digital recipes for your little munchkin.

Temperature regulated feeding utensils: Adding to the woes of your changing baby’s mood is the changing climate. I pour in warm food or milk for my toddler and by the time I finish feeding him half if it, the remaining becomes cold as ice and I may not sense it until my toddler turns away. The technology assisted temperature-regulated cups, spoons, and bottles are made of thermochromatic materials which not only indicates the temperature of the content inside them but also maintain it at the ideal temperature.

Smart baby bottles: There is a whole range of baby bottles including self-heating ones, nutrition monitoring bottles and temperature controlling feeders. They will indicate if the temperature of baby food or milk is too hot, will keep the contents warm for a long time and also monitor the levels of nutrients in them. If this is not enough, you can also buy one of those bottle warmers. These bottle warmers make feeding time easier by quickly heating up a chilled bottle, frozen milk or baby food.

Automatic formula food maker: This device is provided with an application which automatically manages the measurements of your baby’s formula food. This is really a boon to the working parents who extensively depend on formula food for their children.
Not to end the list, you can also grab a baby food pouch pack or baby food containers which make food storage and preparation quick for your hands.

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