Move over the old fashioned home security system:

Gone are the days when you had to have clunky old fashioned cameras almost dangling by their wires outside your beautiful façade and you had to read bulky manuals to operate them or set them up in case of emergencies. Today, the home security systems are not only modern and smart looking but they can be even controlled by a mere application on your mobile phone.

Feature rich system:

The features of our latest Armcrest home security system are so many that we are excitedly recommending it to all our friends and family. It is a revolutionary little product that can make all our lives a lot better than before. It improves the quality of life tremendously. You may call your local dealer for a demo which he will happily provide. And there is a hundred percent assurance and guarantee. Their after sales service is praiseworthy too.

We protect our house with Armcrest 960H CH security system:

After doing a lot of research on the internet and also physically scouring through the market, we made a shortlist of all the home security systems that we thought were viable and purchase worthy. Of a list of ten, we found this particular one that we invested in to be the best in terms of

  1. Good looks;
  2. Affordability;
  3. Maintenance;
  4. Features;
  5. Technology that it uses and
  6. The warranty and the after sales service that it provided.

We are extremely proud of our choice:

There has been no sporadic cause of worry after we have installed this lovely home security system. We are quite assured that we are covered for a long time to come. The spur in the rate of crime recently was alarming and having older parents in the house while both of us work out of city was a burden to live with. Now, whenever, I want to check on my house, I have to simply connect to the internet and on the application on my smart phone to get live footages of the house. I think this is one of the best collective decisions that we have taken so far!


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