4 ways technology is changing the e-commerce industry

Technology has improved the e-commerce industry. Now customers can track their purchases and interact with the online retailers easily. Here are the ways technology is shaping the e-commerce industry.

Mobile apps are changing the relationship between consumers and retailers

Using apps retailers can easily connect with the customers. Businesses can reach customers without much effort. The brand’s app in the customer’s phone reminds the customers of the brand all the time.Email notifications and apps allow retailers to be on the customer’s mind always. The retailers keep the customer updated with their sales and promotions.

Personalized customer experience

Customers now want personalized shopping experience. Technology is helping to achieve that. There are mobile personal assistants available now. The e-commerce industry is now using all the channels they can to connect to the customers using websites, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Faster delivery and low prices

Convenience is now a driving force behind the success of e-commerce. Now customers can get same day delivery of their products. In future, there will be automated vehicles and drones, so delivery will be much faster. They can offer faster delivery at low prices.

Small businesses are becoming successful

Social media and smartphones help small brands to be recognized. You can see lots of startups popping up. These businesses are doing well for the advancement of technology. It is now possible to do business from home as well.

We hope to see more changes in the e-commerce industry in future. It will become easier to do online businesses and people will also get their desired products and services more conveniently.


Top 5 trends in software development for enterprises

The process of software development changes frequently. If you are a software developer then you should always be aware of the latest programming trends. Following are the present trends in software development.

Open source development

Open source is still the trend. It is the main driver behind successful companies. With open source software, you can innovate operating systems and programming languages. You should use open source to keep up with the technology. You should incorporate open source in both code and culture.

Consider software development as business development

Technology professionals transform how an enterprise is run. Technology provides data to stakeholders so that they can make better decisions. It also shapes the interaction between customers and the business. So, software development is actually business development.

Infrastructure disruption and re-assembly

You should take care of software architecture. There will be disruptions like overrun of schedules, breach of security, etc. But there has been development in this area so that you can focus on growing your business. Serverless architecture, XaaS, distribute systems, etc. will let you do that. You can use third party services like OpenStack.

Machine learning

Machine learning is making a significant impact on many industries. It impacts a company’s decision making, how information is provided, etc.

Putting customers first

Companies need to put their customers first all the time. When planning and developing software you should consider many things like budget, goals, schedule, etc. But the customer should always be your priority.

These trends are shaping the enterprise today. You should keep up with these trends and be ahead of your competitors all the time.


4 ways to become a good programmer

IT companies and others as well are always in search of good programmers. Being a good programmer takes a lot of hard work. Here are some ways to become a good programmer.

1) Be an apprentice

You need proper mentoring before you can work on your own. You should work with someone who is good at programming and learn as much as possible from that person. This way you will be able to handle complex problems in programming.

2) Adjust your mind

Programming is a mental activity. You need to develop the part of the brain that takes care of complex situations in programming. You should learn from your mistakes. You should work on complex projects to learn more.

3) Know about new trends in computing

Programming changes its tools and processes every five years. You should cope up with the changes. You should understand the latest technologies and their benefits. You should choose the right tool for programming.

4) Be passionate

In order to be a better programmer, you need to be passionate about it. You should have an interest in your work. You should think about coding all the time.

You should keep these points in mind if you want to be a good programmer. You should work on as many projects as possible and practice your programming skills. You should learn from other and keep track of the trends. This way you will develop your skills and become a better programmer.